The Ergonomics of EHR – Hospital Liability? | Hospital EMR and EHR | EHR and Health IT Consulting |

We often hear about the ways technology causes ergonomic problems for us and our health. Whether it’s wrist pain from all the typing or back pain from the way we sit or eye strain from looking at a screen all day. Technology has a number of really major challenges when it comes to ergonomics.

Unfortunately, I don’t think most hospitals have put much thought into the ergonomic impact of an EHR on their nurses and doctors. Since many of these health issues happen over time, I think we haven’t yet awoken to these problems. This is an issue that’s likely going to impact a lot of hospitals in the next 3-5 years.

Think about the potential liability a hospital could have because of a poorly done EHR implementation which causes back pain, wrist strain and kills people’s eyesight. That’s a really big deal and worth considering.

A while back I actually saw this infographic dedicated to some of the ergonomic challenges that nurses face in a hospital. We need to start talking about these topics a lot more or it’s going to grow into an enormous problem.