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Flatiron Health, the oncology analytics company, has partnered with Vector Oncology on a new project that lets cancer clinicians view patient-reported symptoms at the point of care.

OncoEMR, an ONC-certified, cloud-based electronic medical record developed by Flatiron subsidiary Altos Solutions, is designed specifically for cancer treatment.

Vector Oncology's Patient Care Monitor is a Web-based platform that collects data from patients at the point of care – and between visits – about more than 80 physical symptoms related to treatment side effects, impairment, acute distress and mood.

By linking the two technologies, cancer care providers can gain additional insights to inform their treatment, officials say, helping support better quality of life and alleviate symptom burden for cancer patients.

"The integration of Flatiron's OncoEMR with our Patient Care Monitor will create an unmatched source of real world clinical and patient reported outcomes intelligence to improve the quality of cancer care and demonstrate the effectiveness and value of treatments," said Mike Choukas, chief executive officer of Vector Oncology, in a press statement.

Flatiron and Vector are also collaborating on new studies related to health outcomes and economic endpoints in support of clinical research efforts and real-world evidence generation, officials say.

"We are excited to partner with Vector Oncology, as we share a similar goal of leveraging technology to improve the quality of cancer care for patients," said Nat Turner, co-founder and chief executive officer of Flatiron Health, in a press statement. "This alliance will enable us to further support oncology providers with additional insights at the point of care."

Lee Schwartzberg, MD, president and chief medical officer for Vector Oncology, will serve as a medical advisor to Flatiron Health as it works to develop new technology for the oncology community.

"The partnership between Vector Oncology and Flatiron Health creates a transformative opportunity to leverage our rich experience collecting PRO data with Flatiron's comprehensive EMR platform to achieve meaningful improvements in cancer care," said Schwartzberg in a statement.