Digital Health Funding On The Rise | EHR and Health IT Consulting |

The digital health industry is continuing its growth in record-breaking ways, as funding to the industry pushed past $6.5 billion in the first half of 2017, according to a recent report by StartUp Health. This year’s numbers are already well on their way to overtaking the annual totals of previous years.


As the digital health industry has continued to mature, interest from new investors has likewise grown. This was noted in Rock Health’s comprehensive Digital Health Funding 2017 Midyear Review, a report that analyzed US deals disclosed at over $2 million during Q1 and Q2.


Pull factors, such as (but certainly not limited to) Apple’s not-so-secret work on diabetes health tech, have contributed to investors seeing the industry as a more attractive, tangible marketplace. More investors are interested in the industry, and more importantly, they’re investing much more on average: seven out of the top ten deals this year so far have involved over $100 million each. Outcome Health, the company that set the largest digital health deal on record, came out with $500 million in funding earlier this year.


The widely accepted reality is that the health industry is taking an inevitable shift towards digital health aids. And as digital health technology advances, their use becomes more widespread, with hundreds of millions of potential users in some cases. Belief in this potential can be seen in this year’s top deals in digital health. As the health industry continues its transition towards digital health aids, and as digital health companies continue to develop pertinent, breakthrough technology, the industry is poised to continue its growth undeterred.