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How to Get More Loyal Patients

How to Get More Loyal Patients | EHR and Health IT Consulting |

The success of your practice is dependent on your patients. The more loyal patients you have, the better your practice’s growth. But good treatment alone is not sufficient. For loyalty, you need to build an emotional connection with your patients that makes them feel valued and cared about.

Establishing an emotional connection helps patients remain stress-free, adhere to your advice and talk about their health issues honestly. Let’s see the possible ways to create a connection with your patients when they visit your practice and after they leave.

During visit to practice

Stay calm: Off course, you have a very limited time of 15 minutes for face-to-face interaction with your patient. Being in a rush and showing impatience would look awful. Instead, you should stay calm and make your patient feel relaxed with a warm handshake or a pat on the shoulder.

Be empathic: You need to offer an empathic response, especially when discussing life-threatening diagnoses. Likely the response of patients get better and descriptive. You and your team need to develop empathy skills. Also, make conversation with patients; don’t conduct an interrogation. Along with health issues, discuss different subjects such as pets, celebrations, etc. that makes them feel comfortable and more like they’re talking to a friend. Be an active listener. It gives your patient silent support. Instead of looking at your watch or a laptop screen, nod in agreement to what your patient says. For emotional connection, it is necessary to listen to your patients, express empathy and offer personal warmth.

Follow-up plans

To ensure loyalty, you need to make efforts to stay in touch with your patients after their visit to your practice. This makes them feel cared for.

Emailer: Email is one of the best marketing mediums to interact with your patients. Connect by sharing health-related newsletters that focus on patient ailments or general health issues. Don’t send out the same mailer to everyone; rather, use segmentation. Craft each mailer to focus on a set of people based on age, gender, geography or ailment. Also, keep your newsletter crisp and concise instead of publishing long stories.

To get more leads, put a call to action (CTA) button at the top. Another major characteristic of a successful mailer is a catchy subject line. Set regular intervals for email campaigns. Too many mailers can get you dumped in the spammer list, but too few mailers can make you lose potential patients.

Social media: Another way to connect with your existing patients and potential ones is via social media platforms. So you need to stay active on your social media accounts. Follow a trend in your posts such as daily posts, weekly posts, etc. Showcase your thought leader personality by sharing your blog posts or webinars. You can send appointment reminders or general health tips via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Website: Your website should have a patient portal where they can post their question, check their appointment schedule, view their test reports and much more. This is a kind of communication initiator that helps you connect better with your patients.

Seminars: Last but not least, participate in local healthcare campaigns and seminars to get involve with people living around you. Participate in school and college health camps. These places help you to interact with more people and showcase your skills and knowledge to your potential patients.

A connection is necessary for building any relationship. The better connections you have with your patients, the stronger your relationships will be. Subsequently, they will do word-of-mouth marketing for you, thereby building your practice.

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Top 10 EHR vendors in physician offices

Top 10 EHR vendors in physician offices | EHR and Health IT Consulting |

There's little question that Cerner and Epic are the giants in the EHR field. Epic is dominant not only in the scope of its market share but also in the depth of its client base. Mayo Clinic announced last month that it would be abandoning its three current EHR systems in favor of a new contract with Epic, which will now be the healthcare icon's sole EHR provider and strategic partner. Jilted in the deal were GE and Cerner, who were the providers of Mayo's current systemsalthough if you tallied the figures when Cerner acquired Siemens' EHR unit for $1.3 billion, it still had the largest US market share of any vendor, with 1,132 acute care hospitals. 

But a more granular look at market share amongst physician offices shows a slightly different market picture.

Epic is still on top, but only by a percentage point (eClinicalworks is close on its heels). And as you might expect, Epic's client base skews heavily towards larger practices, dominating the 41+ practice market at 54%. On the lower end of the scale (1 - 3), Epic, eClinicalworks, Allscripts and Practice Fusion are all within a percentage point or two of one another. 

Cerner, notably, is way down the list across the board in the physician practice world, taking just 3.5% of the overall market. So is athenahealth, at 3.3% overall and just 0.4% and 0.8% in the 26 to 40 and 41 and up segments. This tallies with the cloud-based vendor's ongoing investments in the inpatient market, however: In January, the cloud-based provider purchased start-up RazorInsights to move into the 50-bed and under sector, a niche that accounts for one-third of all hospitals in the US; and last week the company announced that it has purchased WebOMR, Beth Israel Deaconess' cloud-based, stage 2-certified EHR, for commercial development in the hospital setting.

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